How can I pay for the products? Do you accept credit cards? Is it safe?

You can pay with your credit card (through paypal). "nnrepair-online.com" will not charge your credit card directly. The transaction will be done through paypal which is the faster and the safer way to make an online payment.


How fast can I receieve my order? 

We offer two ways of shipment through regular post office and UPS express saver service. Through regular postal service the shipment will take up to 15 days and no tracking is available. Through UPS which is slightly more expensive than regular postal service, the shipment will take 3 days and tracking is available.


How can I pick the best kit for my needs?

There is a "KIT SELECTION GUIDE"  on the homepage. You can use it to select the best kit for your own needs. After selecting the best kit for your own need, please also select the color option (for acrylic, ceramic and fiberglass surface repairs). We have different color shades (white, bone, beige...) for different manufacturers (like Toto, American Standard, Kohler...). 

Will I need help from a professional repairman or can I make a repair by myself?

Applications steps of the repairs are very easy. You can find the application steps on the kit packages or on this website (nnepair-online.com) next the product pictures. So you don't need any professional assistance.

Do I need extra items to make repairs?

When you make repairs on natural and engineered stones (like granite, marble...), acrylic (bathtubs) and fiberglass, you need to use masking tape around the repair area. Masking tape is not included in the kit. In order not to scracth the surface badly we suggest using masking tape. All repair kits include special polishing wheel (and its mandrel). The polishing wheel is used for better finish of the repaired patch. In order to use the polishing wheel you need to have a handtool like dremel (cordless or corded) handtool. Handtools and accessories (dremel chuck) are not included in the kits. But you can purchase them seperately from our website.


Where can I see the application videos?

Please subscribe to our youtube page (www.youtube.com/nnrepair) for the application videos.  

How safe are repairs and repair materials? Can I use them on my kitchen counter?

Repair materials are based on pharmaceutical technology. Raw materials used in the formulas are used in pharma industry. Thus the end products (repair materials) and repairs made with them are not hazardous. You can safely use them on your kitchen counter or on any other similar surface which is in direct contact with food.


Shipment is free worldwide through UPS Express Saver Service (Free shipping is valid if you buy at least 1 or maximum 5 homeowner kit). We ship 104 countries around the globe.

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