About Us

Empowering the world to make fast, professional-quality surface repairs with ease

Inspired by the use of pharmaceutical materials like those in dental fillings, we created our repair kits to fill chips in a diverse range of materials. This enabled manufacturers, professionals, and homeowners to restore damaged home and garden surfaces all over the world.

With the help of an in-house R&D team and direct contact with surface manufacturers, we have distributed the repair kits to more than 60 countries over 5 different continents. This has allowed us to scale the products to over 10 million repairs per year, and counting.

Through uncovering insights into formulation improvements and listening to feedback from tens of thousands of customers along the way, we recently decided it was time for a rebrand. With help from expert engineers, chemists, lab technicians, and in-house manufacturers, we redeveloped our product line completely.

The new Stowsen product series, launched in 2019, is here to fill the gap between professional products and homeowner needs. This marked the launch of the fastest retail repair kit on the market, accessible to anyone in the world.

Now those small annoying chips, nicks, and pits in your surfaces can be gone in minutes without the cost and hassle of hiring a professional.