• Starter kit for manufacturers who wants to test the Light Cure Repair System in their factory.
  • Kit repairs small defects on ceramics and acrylics.
  • No yellowing or fade with time.
  • The repair area will not get dirty with time.
  • Kıt includes different type of Light Cure Repair Material. Try them all and pick the one for your need. 
  • Cures with blue light.
  • Also works great on other hard surfaces.
  • Overall Weight is 1000 Grams.
  • If you want us to develop a new shade for any color of an existing manufacturer's product, please send a small flat sample to our address. We will develop the shade.
  • Kit includes the following;
  1. 1 pcs x NP80™ 4.5 Grams Paste LC Syringe
  2. 1 pcs x NP80-FLOW™ 3.5 Grams Flow LC Syringe (including orange microtip)
  3. 1 pcs x NNREPAIR-GLAZE® 2.0 Grams Flow LC Syringe (including black microtip)
  4. 1 pcs x NNREPAIR-GLAZE® 3.0 Grams Flow LC Syringe (including black microtip)
  5. 1 pcs of Applicator tool
  6. 1 pcs of Professional Light Unit
  7. 10 pcs of stick
  8. 20 pcs of Levelling tape
  9. 20 pcs of 220 grit sandpaper
  10. 20 pcs of 2000 grit sandpaper
  11. 1 pcs of Polishing wheel and its mandrel






Shipment is free worldwide through UPS Express Saver Service (Free shipping is valid if you buy at least 1 or maximum 5 homeowner kit). We ship 104 countries around the globe.

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